How To Mix Fact and Fiction In Your Family History Story

A Family History Story Of Fact and Fiction

Nothing is more likely to turn your family off genealogy than showing them than the much researched lineage of your 4x Great Grandparents and your 3rd cousin twice removed! I extend to you a once in a life time offer! You are invited to be part of a collaborative writing event in which we will journal the evolution of Fact to Fiction. From first draft to last, your feedback, support and contributions will be acknowledged when (and if) we reach a successful conclusion.

Weaving Fiction Into A Family History Story

A “MUST DO” First Step To Writing A Family History Story

This post is focused on understanding why I chose to write this particular family history story. At the conclusion of this exercise I had a clear focus and solid infrastructure from which to develop my story. A family history story that could contain my researched facts as well as accommodating possibilities and reasoned conjecture. Now it is your turn to share your results and comments! The option to have your results included in the post, A “MUST DO” First Step To Writing A Family History Story, is just a click away.

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