What Makes A Winning Book Title?

"Never have so few words had so much influence over so many" The relief of writing the final page of your book. blocks out the realisation that, even allowing for proof reading, editing, re-editing and publishing your still have to give it a name. In a few words it has to convey genre, content and, most importantly, it has to hook potential readers. For those who would staunchly defend the argument that "content rules" think again and please, carry on reading, I hope to change your mind!

Share Your Writing Introductory Hook

s world. I know it was dominated by the seasons. Rain and mud leads to long hours of back breaking harvesting to be followed by long nights of breathing life into newly born animals. So how did Thomas find that one piece of paper that was to change the life he led then to the life that was to come 12 thousand miles away on the other side of the world?"

Writing A Narrative Begins With Writing A Hook

We may not admit it, but, deep down all writers want readers. I have told myself that my readers will be the "future generations" of my scattered, extended family. Whatever your expectations one thing is certain, we want our readers to read more than the first paragraph! We want vindication that the stories we tell, matter. Did you disagree with my opening statement? Whether you agreed or not is immaterial My goal was to make a statement that would you, the reader, carry on reading

How To Mix Fact and Fiction In Your Family History Story

Nothing is more likely to turn your family off genealogy than showing them than the much researched lineage of your 4x Great Grandparents and your 3rd cousin twice removed! I extend to you a once in a life time offer! You are invited to be part of a collaborative writing event in which we will journal the evolution of Fact to Fiction. From first draft to last, your feedback, support and contributions will be acknowledged when (and if) we reach a successful conclusion.

Follow These Steps & The Eulogy Will Write Itself!

Any new task begins with a First Big Step and writing an eulogy is no different from writing your first resume. Well done! You have already started the first step. You have decided to upskill! Many people when asked, or find themselves "expected" to write an eulogy, will stick with "No I couldn't" without a second thought. It may be that after you have understood what an eulogy is and have followed the guide to writing an eulogy below, you will give the same answer. The difference is you will have given the request the respect it deserves.

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