Writing Template

Writing Template # 2: Writing From Memory & Love

With any family history research there will be times when the only records you have are a list of dates, names and places. Hardly the material needed for a story that will encourage your family to feel connected. The sort of connection that Theophilus Adcock provided! Without records we must fall back on what we do know. Oral stories, photographs, intuition & assumptions all have their place in a writers imagination. Trust yourself and write from your heart.

Black and white photograph of a young women taken c 1935.  She has wavy dark hair and dark brown eyes.
A Teenage Doris Rosina Ilson

Doris Ilson

The disadvantage of writing a short story about a relative, (in this case my mother) is that it is tempting to try and tell too much. I made this template to give myself permission to add snippets of information to round out the profile of the teenage Doris with the Doris I knew as Mum.

Backing Up Your Story

Family History Template #2

  • Everything on this template is negotiable
  • I have chosen the headings that allowed me to write what I wanted to share
  • The photograph at the top of the page can be changed simply by adding a new “fill” image
  • I have designed the pages to have “white space” but the text boxes can be enlarged
  • If this profile is to be an honest reflection of your ancestor you have to be honest. No sugar coating!
A short story for writing a family history.
A Day In The Life Of Doris Ilson
A photo of DOris Rosina Ilson aged 81. She is leaning on boat rails with the open sea behind her. Wearing a green jacket and smiling at the camera.
R.I.P Doris Rosina Ilson

In the weeks to come I will be adding more templates for you to download. To make sure you don’t miss out click the “Follow” button for notification. Please let me know if there is something you would like added to future family history templates.


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