What Happened In 1948?

In 1948 Israel was created, Ghandi was assassinated, London was busy with the Olympics and I was born……….on a Friday!

Baby Vicki Adcock in pram, 1948
Vicki Adcock 1948

My earliest memories are fragmented, disconnected and probably distorted (bit like they are now really!) I can remember watching the Queens Coronation on the TV or, as we used to call it, the “telly”. I seem to recall sitting under a table. The dark green fluffy tablecloth hung down with a fringe. An odd memory that I think was linked to the fact that I got pepper in my eyes when I played with the fringe! I have no memory of ever sitting at the table eating a meal with anyone.

I had my first brush with stardom, also linked to the Queens Coronation, at our street party. I remember long tables that ran the length of the road, plenty of food and lots of children. I assume there were adults around but they obviously didn’t make an impression as I have no memory of them! At some stage there was a concert and I sang, “How Much Was That Doggy In The Window?” My prize for winning (or maybe just competing) was a packet of transfers that you suck on your arm, licked the back of the paper covering, and hey presto an image appeared when you pulled it off! I have never since reached this solo pinnacle of success although my love of music has stayed with me. School bands, Eisteddfods and “Frayed Knots” bare witness.

Frayed Knots Lead Guitarist
Frayed Knots Lead Guitarist!

Have you ever checked what happened in the year you were born? I must admit I had no idea mine was so auspicious! If you would like to share yours in the comments below I will add them to this post!

Just Vicki

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