Writing A Podcast Transcript

It sounds obvious, but there is a difference between writing movie scripts, short stories, novels and yes, podcasts. The one thing they all have in common is that words are their tools of trade. The difference lies in how those words are written and how they are presented. The end product will be as different as the paintings of Picasso are to those of Kadinsky. As writers, the good news is that we get to write our stories in whatever genre is a "best fit" for us. No matter which one we choose, planning is the key to the success of the finished masterpiece!

Just A Name

I began my family tree with the clear aim of recording my place in time. I also wanted my children to know their place in a history that began 12,000 miles from where they were born. Unexpectedly, I seem to have lost my name! The name of my childhood; a name that identified me as the child of my parents; a name I shared with my sister.

A Tangled Web We Weave

After my first blog failed miserably I made the decision to find something else to write about. For some reason "Fermentation" was going to be it! SEO was perfect, monetization was practical and my chosen new theme was perfect, if a little expensive! There were two problems to this well researched choice. I don't like fermented food and I live on a boat where space is at a premium! So, here I am doing what I have been quietly doing most of my life, writing stories. Only this time the stories are not hidden away in boxes!

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