Not The Beginning!

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Footprints on an empty beach captioned,"Daughter of a Ten Pound Pom"
Daughter Of A Ten Pound Pom

Today is Australia Day 2019. I am watching the Aboriginal “Welcome to the Sun” ceremony. I am envious of what they have……an unshakable “connection to country”. In New Zealand, I would acknowledge my standing place or“turongawaiwai”. In England? Well, perhaps if I wasn’t a “Ten Pound Pom I would acknowledge my “East Ender” roots by claiming “It’s my ‘ome, innit!”

Me? As a child I remember many times being asked where I came from and I never knew what to say. I was born in England, emigrated to New Zealand on an assisted passage (colloquially referred to as a “Ten Pound Pom”) After six weeks at sea we arrived in Milton transit camp, then on to Bluff, Ohai, Waikouaiti, Dunedin, Wedderburn and finally to return to Milton!

You can understand that being asked what school I went to was always difficult to answer if I didn’t want to explain my life history to someone who was only making polite conversation!

Even as an adult there always seemed to be a reason to keep moving……. Oamaru, Timaru, London, Birmingham, Gold Coast (Australia)! I avoided answering the question, “Where do you come from?” by replying, “Wherever my bed is!”

If you have had a similar “gypsy” lifestyle and would like to add them to this page you can share your experiences & survival strategies in the comments below!

Today is Australia Day 2019 and I now live on a boat. This is not the beginning of my life story. I am writing in the same way I have lived my life. No planning, no purpose and no end goal!

I am a Ten Pound Pom who is writing to be known !

Standing Place is the lace you call home
My Houseboat – My Home

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