Labeling Photos

Why You Should Future Proof Your Photos

Did you know that one of the main reasons genealogists start researching their family tree is photographs! So, why don’t we look after them more? Why isn’t labeling our photos up there with DNA testing? How many of these examples have you experienced!

These Photos were Lost In A Car Park
  1. We don’t always know where our photos will end up or how they will be dealt with. If a second cousin has a box of photographs that are unknown they could easily be discarded. If they are labeled digitally they will have a better chance of being passed on to another family member

2. Bad things can and do happen: I live in Australia where are not uncommon. But no matter where you live in an emergency you may only have time to grab one thing. A back up hard drive containing the digital labeling of your photos is much easier to carry than ten storage boxes

Would Your Photos Survive?

3.Memories fade: The older members of your family are a great resource but as they get older illness can and time may take these memories away. Eventually you find that you are the family “elder” and family members are looking to you for answers! My biggest regret is not asking my sister about her memories of the war in London. I never even asked my father, “What did you do in the war Dad?” .

Why Is My Gran On This Boat?

4. The full story is more important than name and address. Knowing a great grandparents name and date of birth is only the start. If you are lucky enough to know that the photograph was take while they were at some important event then it deserves to be recorded safely for others to discover.

I’m Not Sure Either!

5. Sharing is caring: Digital labeling is the best way to keep the “who, what, why & where” of your photo. When you share your photo to a family member every thing you know about it is automatically attached. If only the photo on the right and a bit more information!

Damaged Photo Labeling

6.Writings fade and photos deteriorate. Writing on the back of photos that you have carefully stored in shoe boxes, envelopes in a drawer is a short term solution only. All chemicals used in making your photo will eventually destroy the image. The clock is ticking guys!
Follow this link to find out how digital labeling of your photos does not require a PhD in technical skills! Honestly, if I can do you can too!

Please add your good and bad experiences in the comments below about how you label your photographs.

Just Vicki

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