What Is A Genealogist?

The dictionary tells me I am a genealogist because I am person who traces or studies lines of family descent. But, like many others who have surrounded themselves with dates, names, records, photos and dog eared scraps of paper, we are so much more! When your are a family historian the emphasis is always on the word, “family”. Medically we are connected by our DNA. But it is the life stories we uncover that makes us a real family!

Finding Stories

Coming from a small family my reservoir of stories is very small and being the senior citizen of this small circle I feel guilty that I didn’t do something about it when I had the chance.
It is easy to find dates and names when you join an ancestry group or purchase the appropriate software but numbers have never been my thing so once I found the dates for “hatch, batch and dispatch” I turned my attention to finding stories behind the numbers

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