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Life as a habit of “happening” while we get on with the habit of living it. For some their life has goals, missed goals, substituted opportunities and blind luck. Mine didn’t. Whilst I did have plans that I achieved and goals that I aimed for, in truth my plans changed frequently as did my goal posts. It is true that “a rolling stone gathers no moss” but as the Stones put it, “Time Is On My Side”. I plan to use my time to write the stories of my family.

I’ve often wondered if we learn how to parent from our mother or how Not to! In my case I spent most of my life not living with my mother but grew up knowing I was loved.

If photographs are anything to go by, life in the East End of London for my parents did not include holidays. meant……but I do now!

Today is the first time I can remember writing the words, “My brother” I think he died when I was about two years old and he was five.

I  can not change the past but I can look to the future and leave my words. A eulogy for mother is a letter I wrote about the past. It is a letter I leave behind for the future.

When I was first introduced to the world of “Sociology” I read about the “Law of Unintended Consequences” At the time I remember thinking that (like many “Laws” of sociology) it was an academic explanation of the obvious

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