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Writing Resources: Pen Portraits

If the last time you wrote a pen portrait was at school then take a look at my earlier post to refresh your memory! The digital version is not that much different but it does have the added advantage to easily add photos, newspaper articles or copies of letters etc. Pen portraits also make great presents for those “hard to buy for” members of your family.

Notes & Templates For Pen Portraits
Example Of Pen Portrait #1

Pen Portrait Tips

#1 Choose a relative that you already feel connected to.

#2 Make your opening sentence one that incorporates a focus topic.

#3 Be creative in your choice of words

#4 Schedule time away from your writing

#5 The more mundane part of writing can not be avoided. Research!

#6 Use your imagination to the relationship your character had with others

Example Of Pen Portrait #2
Example Of Pen Portrait #3

Pen Portrait Design

Even at first glance you can see that the design of each of these pen portraits is quite different. My intention was to make one and use it for all my relatives but eventually I had to admit that this was not going to work. Writing about my mother was made easier as I had a lot of material so Pen Portrait #3 worked well. Some of my research only produced the most basic of information and for these I made Pen Portrait #1. My next task is to print them off and collate them into a folder. Watch this space!

I hope one of these Pen Portraits will suit your writing needs. If not, drop me a comment with your suggestions

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