Story Teller: Listen To Me!

A story teller wearing mike and earphones.
A Story Teller Sharing Her Tales

What Does A Story Teller Need?

My last post, Be The Story Teller In Your Family, identified the benefits of telling a story in the presence of your audience. I made a promise to myself (and my readers) that I would take one of my written stories and try to breathe life into it via the medium of audio. I hasten to remind my readers that I did not specify a time frame! In the interim I have been trawling and listening to story tellers from around the world. Motivation was my goal and, of course searching for that one thing that made these story tellers so captivating. In fact there is no one thing in respect to their technique. What they did share was apparent as soon as they lent towards the microphone. They loved telling stories. By sharing their love of telling stories with the audience the connection. From this moment on the listener became the story teller of the future.

Story Teller: Jan Blake

Jan Blake: Story Teller

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