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I’m not sure I have ever had a hobby. I just do things I like to do! I also have a sneaking suspicion that hobbies were invented in order to combat the biblical quote about “idle hands” 

I began my family tree with the clear aim of recording my place in time. I also wanted my children to know their place in a history that began 12,000 miles from where they were born. Unexpectedly, I seem to have lost my name!

The dictionary tells me I am a genealogist because I am person who traces or studies lines of family descent. But, like many others who have surrounded themselves with dates, names, records, photos and dog eared scraps of paper, we are so much more!

After my first blog failed miserably I made the decision to find something else to write about. So, here I am doing what I have been quietly doing most of my life, writing stories. Only this time the stories are not hidden away in boxes!

At one level my ancestry search began with a birth certificate and 3 marriage certificates. Not surprisingly, the realization that I was the only one in the “family” who held the stories of the past shocked me into realizing that I was “it”.

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