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Some of you may set an alarm to remind you to get up from your computer, stretch your back and re focus your eyes. But then again you may be like me and only resurface when your bladder, partner, kids or hunger demand attention. I have found podcasts to be the perfect alternative to alarms that go off just when you’re on a roll. It also has the added advantage that my research/blog is still making progress while I have my feet up and a cup of coffee in hand!

My Top 5 Genealogy Podcasts

Tracing Your Roots: BBC

Image of tree with exposed roots to support tracing your roots podcast
Tracing Your Roots

This particular podcast from Tracing Your Roots is the first of a two part story which means you get more detail (and of course there are no advertisements) Although this podcast does not offer advice on how to do genealogy research, throughout the podcast small tips are dropped into the conversation which could prove useful. In this case it was how to connect with new found relatives in a way that is more likely to build positive relationships.

Extreme Genes

Extreme genes is an American genealogy podcast. It covers a very eclectic, often humerous collection of articles. The latest one I listened to, Episode 298 had a useful chat about how to identify unknown photographs. It also covered how to use the Facebook social media to stay in contact with newly discovered distant cousins. The other stories were rather lighthearted but easy listening.There is a large archive of podcasts covering many different topics so you are bound to find something of interest. The good thing about podcasts is you can always fast forward the bits that don’t interest you. PS There are advertisements!

The Genealogy Professional

Publish Your family History

I did wonder if the “professional” part of The Genealogy Professional was really where I was at but the first podcast I listened to was focused on the writing aspect of family history and as the main goal of my own ancestry research is to write about it, I was hooked! Admittedly some of the information was far removed from my goals but who knows? Never say never!

Amateur Family History Podcast

Research Building Blocks

As the name suggests Episode 1 Basics: Before You Start Researching is the place to go to when you know nothing about researching your family history. Fast forward to Episode 11 DNA Intro (with focus on autosomal) and even the title alone flags that the learning curve is steepening. My advice is to take it slowly. Try to avoid skipping, as each episode provides the building blocks for more advanced research.

Ancestral Findings

Speedy Genealogy Podcasts

I wasn’t sure whether to add Ancestral Findings to my list simply because I thought the podcasts, at 5 to 10 minutes long, were too short to give anything but a glib overview. However, Episode 288 Your Female Ancestors did have a few gems that persuaded me to think again. It is an American based podcast with some emphasis on the Civil War. Of course some of the information is not transferable to other countries.

Although these are my top 5 Genealogy Podcasts for 2019 I reserve the right to change my mind should I find a better one! Better still, please comment below with your No 1

Just Vicki 101
My 5 Best Genealogy Podcasts

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  1. Thanks for the mention – and recommendation. Stuff like this makes the effort and hassle of podcasting very worthwhile. Thanks again 😀
    Amateur Family History Podcast

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  2. Thanks for this list! I am just getting into genealogy and podcasts are my go-to for learning and staying inspired. I really look forward to checking out the recommendations you made that I haven’t yet discovered. Two others that I’ve been listening to are: Research Like a Pro (which is good for me since I’m a newbie), and Medicine Stories (which isn’t 100% ancestry-focused, but some of them are, and they focus on some of the more spiritual aspects of genealogy.

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    1. Thanks so much for contributing. The spiritual side to genealogy especially as it’s not something I’ve thought of! There’s always something new to learn. Love it!


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