Time Passes

When someone you love dies you cope with grief, loss and a sadness so deep you feel that you are drowning. Then time passes and your thoughts turn outwards. In my case it was the not knowing what happened in those last moments. You pray that love overcomes fear.

Time To Say Goodbye

There’s nothing like a lie in on a frost morning, she thought. Last night was cold too. In fact she could hardly feel her feet. They must be like blocks of ice. Just another few minutes and she really must get up.

Lying there her thoughts started to drift. For some reason she thought of her daughter’s hair. It was so soft. A twist of a curl around her fingers, slowly pull down. There! A perfect ringlet for a special occasion . Mrs Temple would be so proud.

Somethings wrong. I’m looking into grey eyes and they should be brown. And her head! That bloody throbbing was driving her spare. God, she was so tired. One of these days she was going to put her feet up and sod the lot of them. Perhaps a fag would do the trick.

So many voices. Has everyone arrived early. Maybe I’ve slept longer than I thought. Hello you. Did you think I wouldn’t be ready in time. She took the old man’s hand in hers. “Sit down and have a beer you’ve worked long enough it’s your time to rest now. Stop worrying. You’ve got a face like the back end of a bus!”

So many voices. Lovely to hear everyone laughing. So tired! Ah, the sun’s out at last. That’s nice. Now the little one can go outside to play with the other boys. Listen to him laughing. No one would think he was a bit poorly.

So tired. Now what are those two calling out for now? Anyone would think I was deaf. Really, like father like son……hopeless!

So tired. “Hold on. I’ll be there in a minute” Goodness, it’s bright in here!

She lifted her shoulders and let out a long, deep sigh.

“Now, what’s up with you two. Told you I was coming didn’t I!”

We all deal with long term grief differently. This was my way. If you found something that helps you, and would like to share with others, please leave a comment below.

Just Vicki

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