Eulogy For Mother

When I read the family histories of other researchers there is one thing I miss more than any other. Letters! A "Love Letter For Jimmy" was written for my brother by those who cared for him in his final days. It is the only letter from the past I have. I can not change the past but I can look to the future and leave my words. A eulogy for mother is a letter I wrote about the past. It is a letter I leave behind for the future.

Time Passes

When someone you love dies you cope with grief, loss and a sadness so deep you feel that you are drowning. Then time passes and your thoughts turn outwards. In my case it was the not knowing what happened in those last moments. You pray that love overcame fear.

A Love Letter For Jimmy

Today is the first time I can remember writing the words, "My brother" I think he died when I was about two years old and he was five. I have no memories of my own about him but I do have four grainy photographs.

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