Podcasts: A Short Story Writing Option

Quote" Fools rush in where angels fear to tread by Alexander Pope
Podcast Your Stories

Without meaning to, my post on Story Telling sent me to a whole new world! Originally I thought that a podcast was simply telling a story and recording it. How wrong could I be! The lesson I learned (an Unintended Consequence?) was that being wrong can be an adventure into the unknown, In my state of ignorance I would have talked myself out of what has proven to be fun, challenging, fun, ego boosting and fun!

3 Ingredients For Your Podcast Cake

I am going to share my podcast journey with you as it evolves. Without censure, as my blog name says, “Warts and All”

My Podcast Method

Today, February, 12th 2020, is the first day of my research proper. It has taken me two hours to find what I need and the easy, “How To’s”. Each of these will form the basis of a post so ………………. please follow me using the email option to receive notice of the finished posts as they arrive.

Podcast Ingredients

This list is exactly how my research flowed. with each link leading me seamlessly to the next. Surprisingly, I ended up with a very short list! If the “How To’s” are as easy as they say then the finished podcast should emerge fully baked!


2.Video editing program

3. Audio program

4. Images

5. Transcript

If you would like to share how you fared with making your first Podcast please leave a comment or a link”

Just Vicki

Supporting Podcast Posts

Be The Story Teller In Your Family

Story Teller: Listen To Me!

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