What Makes A Good Story?

Research? Not Necessarily Not all stories need research! This is a statement I would never have made when I began searching for my ancestors five years ago. My ancestral journey has never been one of "names, dates and places" For me, these have only ever been a means to the end, the end being the... Continue Reading →

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What Makes A Winning Book Title?

"Never have so few words had so much influence over so many" The relief of writing the final page of your book. blocks out the realisation that, even allowing for proof reading, editing, re-editing and publishing your still have to give it a name. In a few words it has to convey genre, content and, most importantly, it has to hook potential readers. For those who would staunchly defend the argument that "content rules" think again and please, carry on reading, I hope to change your mind!

Share Your Writing Introductory Hook

s world. I know it was dominated by the seasons. Rain and mud leads to long hours of back breaking harvesting to be followed by long nights of breathing life into newly born animals. So how did Thomas find that one piece of paper that was to change the life he led then to the life that was to come 12 thousand miles away on the other side of the world?"

How To Mix Fact and Fiction In Your Family History Story

Nothing is more likely to turn your family off genealogy than showing them than the much researched lineage of your 4x Great Grandparents and your 3rd cousin twice removed! I extend to you a once in a life time offer! You are invited to be part of a collaborative writing event in which we will journal the evolution of Fact to Fiction. From first draft to last, your feedback, support and contributions will be acknowledged when (and if) we reach a successful conclusion.

K.I.S.S Guide To Writing A Winning Blog Post

What is the one experience that all bloggers have in common when they decide to become a blogger? Two words, "information overload" It did not take me long to catch on to the simple truth that many successful bloggers (if accumulating money is your definition of successful) become so by tapping into the "How To Write A Blog Post Better" market. I am not one of them. Finding my family history is my goal and sharing my research as short stories will always be my focus. Saying that, although it has taken a while (2 years plus), I seem to have reached the stage where my posts now follow what could be described as a "writing blog post format" The end product is a post that works. Try it and see if it does the same for you too!

The Best Family History TED Talks & Videos

I was warned by experienced family researchers that once I started my family tree I would become addicted! They were right. Writing stories, finding connections and stalking my family members (both near and far) for snippets of information have become all consuming. So much so that I have had to devise a way to chill out. Sitting back with my feet up, a cup of coffee close by and a TED Talk was my solution. The topic? What else, Family History!

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