Child of the 1950’s

If I had to pick one thing from my memories of the 1950's it would have to be going to the cinema on a Saturday morning. Watching a movie was only a small part of the whole experience if you were in the ABC club! There were badges, prizes and freebies and of course there was "The ABC Minors Song" . You may find it hard to believe but 65 years later I can still remember the words!

Not All Fathers “Father”

I’m really not sure why I have started my family history with my father’s narrative as I began my research with my Grandmother Ilson on my maternal side! Perhaps if I was to examine my reasons more closely it may be that I have always felt a little guilty that my relationship with my father was not a demonstrably close one!

A Love Letter For Jimmy

Today is the first time I can remember writing the words, "My brother" I think he died when I was about two years old and he was five. I have no memories of my own about him but I do have four grainy photographs.

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