Housing For Ten Pound Poms

The transition from one boat to another followed by a long train ride to a short bus trip doesn't appear to have left me with any lasting memories. I can only assume that as my parents and sister were close by I had nothing to worry about! It's only as an adult I realise that an unknown destination that was referred to as a "Transit Camp" was anything but encouraging.


My first impression of New Zealand was not a good one. As I stood on the decking rail (as high as I could without toppling over) I searched the ground below from one end to the other. The little I had been told about New Zealand was untrue. All I could see was concrete and large buildings. Not a mud hut in sight and no one was wearing a grass skirt!

Child Of A Ten Pound Pom

If someone told you that you had to leave the country of your birth never to see your friends, Aunts, Uncles and cousins again how would you react. Fear, anger, sadness? I was 5 years old when this happened to me and I couldn't have cared less! Yes, it was exciting but then so was going to Jaywick for a holiday. I did know it was a special trip though because I was bought my first pair of slippers!

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